The Story of Everything

As Told by Hawai‘i Poet Laureate Kealoha

“Who we are is bigger than any of us…”

— Kealoha

A creation story connecting consciousness and science, past and present;
The Future is in our hands, act together now to care for mother earth, all of us

Join us!


Engaging the Senses presents The Story of Everything, a multimedia film based on a theater piece written by beloved Hawai‘i Poet Laureate Kealoha that lifts up our common humanity. Rich with curiosity and embodying hope, the feature film explores diverse explanations for the origins of life, uniquely blending past & present, science & consciousness, and the environment & the arts. Poetry, dance, music, art and special effects condense 13.7 billion years into an hour and 45 minute journey that asks and answers two compelling questions that have challenged humans from the very beginning:

where do we come from?
And even more important: where do we go next?

“…this is what will define our global times
and when our legacies are inscribed in the universe’s history books
it will be about what we did or didn’t do
to change our ways
when we knew that our own fate was in our own hands
and the heat was on
it will be about our actions, or our inactions…”

— Kealoha