Jonathan Heraux

Jonathan Heraux is a percussionist/drummer with over thirty-five years of experience.  Heraux was first introduced to the drums at age three when he was hoisted up to play congas in his father’s calypso band in Haiti. The family later moved to Panama where he learned traditional dance and drumming. After several years in the U.S. military, Heraux headed to the University of Hawai’i and became part of the university’s Leeward Jazz Ensemble, focusing on jazz drumming techniques. For several years thereafter, he was a member of ten different bands, ranging in styles from an Afro-Cuban drum collective to jazz fusion rock.  Starting in 1997, he toured the west coast of the United States, playing countless festivals and venues with his band Quadraphonix. For many years, Heraux has also spent much time on stage and in recording studios supporting international ukulele virtuoso, Taimane. The two have toured the world, including Canada, United States, Central America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and across the Polynesian islands. As a percussionist, Heraux has focused on non-traditional cajon playing, melding Afro-Cuban rhythms with jazz and rock stick patterns. Add it all up, and you have a seasoned musician who has performed in over twenty-five countries and still plays every show with unbridled passion. Heraux has made clear that he will continue to do so until his last breath.