Jory Horn

“Forgiveness stems from something greater and is related to a greater ancestral memory and feeling. Before we are ever born, it is in us. A destiny and a pattern, but there are lots of things that fall under our own immediate control; the fact that I have freedom and the choices to be able to just choose is a privilege.” — Jory Horn

Jory Horn (April 21, 1991 – November 19, 2019), was a profoundly-gifted dance artist and choreographer who combined Cambodian dance and culture with contemporary dance as a means of advocacy to address the challenges and celebrations of the Cambodian-American community. His guidance and mentorship of the Cambodian art form, which survived through living dance masters Chayra Burt, Chey Chankethya, and Prumsodun Ok, is a true testament to the strength and resilience of his people.

Jory was a first-generation college student, graduating with a BA in Dance and a minor in Recreation Administration from CSU Sacramento. He traveled to his homeland of Cambodia for the first time in 2019 on a dance residency.  He was deeply dedicated to educating others about Cambodian history. He was an exceptionally kind, compassionate soul, full of energy and a true friend to so many. He had so much love for his LBGQT community. Jory made great contributions to the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Stockton dance and cultural communities through his artistic voice, performance work, and activism. 

Engaging the Senses Foundation has dedicated The Story of Everything in part to Jory.

Our lives will be forever touched because of our connection with Jory. He lived, loved, and laughed so vibrantly that every room he entered echoed with his presence! His talent as a dancer was as great as his human character, made of equal parts compassion and sass. Jory will forever be part of our ‘ohana (family).
— Kealoha and The Cast of The Story of Everything