Inner Peace Toolkit

If you’re experiencing a lot of emotions, feelings and questions, and find yourself wanting to do something tangible after watching The Story of Everything, you are not alone. 

In fact, you’re one of a growing number of people who are ready to actively embody the change they want to see in the world.  We understand … and we’re so happy that The Story of Everything is contributing to this desire!  After all, “the point of art is to spark emotions, communicate them, share them, and therefore create a deep connection… .”

To honor and further that connection, the creative team at ETSF has put together a free virtual “kit” for you to experience.  (Components will be rolled out over time, so please check back regularly!)

Easy and Enjoyable Things You Can Do Right Now to Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Choose your contribution, because every little bit helps. 
We can start right here … 
By tapping back into our humanity. 
By increasing our levels of peace.
By growing into more conscious beings.

Kealoha, The Story of everything

These are short, evidence-based, Creative and Somatic practices. Rooted in the intelligence of the senses, each practice recognizes that embodying the Peace, Kindness, Love, Respect, and Reciprocity we want — and want to see in the world — is the potent, first step. 

One of the loveliest ways to foster this sense of connection is by attuning ourselves to the cycles of nature.  Exercises like Attuning to the Moon, and Sunset Sonata are curated from some of today’s best teachers, medical practitioners, and artisans. 

It is our intention to offer these practices, which we too practice, as a means both to embody and to answer the call to appreciation, awakening and Wholeness so powerfully and artfully issued by Kealoha and The Story of Everything.

for Inner Grounding & Attuning to Nature

Hand on Heart Practice

Placing our hands on our hearts is a natural gesture. Whether we are reacting to something with surprise, shock, sadness or pain, or to show our appreciation and happiness, we often find ourselves making this gesture instinctively.

Turning this spontaneous response into a  loving and intentional act is a deceptively simple way to set in motion beneficial neuroplastic and parasympathetic processes. 

This potent and pleasurable practice is adapted from best-selling book and program 

The Body Mind Toolkit by Dr. Kim D’eramo. 

It activates the parasympathetic nervous system and helps release acute and chronic tension. Practiced regularly, it has the power to create heart coherence and nervous system regulation, which contribute to substantive and lasting positive effects on our sense of well being. 

  1. Start by getting comfortable-whether you are sitting, standing or supine.
  2. Breathe in gently but with more focus than usual and relax your shoulders.
  3. Bring your hands, one at a time, to your heart center, cupping and pressing your palms firmly against your chest while saying out loud, or in your mind. “Body, I love you, you’re safe, and it’s ok for you to relax.”
  1. Now take another deeper breath and exhale, fully and audibly, as you allow your jaw and your shoulders to relax.
  2. Enjoy the sensation of feeling and being safe and loved and relaxed. 
  3. Release the posture and practice bringing the sensations with you as you move through the day. 

Bonus tip: Add a reminder on your phone to repeat the practice 3 times a day. It’s easy to integrate into what you’re already doing, which makes it more potent. It only takes a few minutes and the effects are cumulative and exponential. 

Pro tip: Take a moment to remember the sensations of feeling relaxed,safe and loved a few times a day and before you fall asleep at night.  It can even be while you’re doing dishes, or waiting in line. Flex your neuroplastic muscles and create lasting change by re-creating these sensations the way you’d recall a pleasant memory.

7 senses to gratitude

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Finding your Feet

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Getting Curious

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5 Minute Rest Reset

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Breathing Easier

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Letting Your Body Lead

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Poetry as Medicine

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Attune to the Moon

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Stardust Memory

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Writing as Medicine

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Smelling the “Roses”

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Sunset Sonata

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Micro-boost of Peace

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While it may at first sound counterintuitive, reclaiming ourselves as human beings, rather than just humans doing, is integral to the process of creating change in the world. Something magical starts to happen when we slow down enough to really sense and appreciate the beauty that is all around.  Just this alone begins to make a difference for the better.  Cortisol is lowered, breath is deepened, muscles and nerves begin to relax, and perception expands.  We go beyond our small, distracted selves and find ourselves a part of a larger, mysterious Whole. 

This is an experience of Poetry with a capital P!