Virtuoso and songwriter Taimane is best known for her fierce and inventive style of playing the ukulele, helping the hapa Samoan (part Caucasian and part Indigenous Samoan) artist garner over twenty million video views and 300,000 social media followers to date. Hailing from a musical Polynesian family including her late mother, Palepa Tauiliili Gardner (Miss Samoa 1978), Taimane’s attraction to the four-string island staple began at age five. By age ten, she regularly performed in public, busking in Waikiki every Friday night with her father (who performed security duties) and Waikiki Beach Boys (adults whose home and workplace were the beach) serving as her band. By age thirteen, Taimane landed a position in Don Ho’s show playing in the spotlight every week until Ho’s passing. Fast forward to today, and you have an artist who tours the world and has carved out a unique niche in music – merging a wide-array of genres, from Bach to rock, flamenco infernos to tribal hymns, summoning a seemingly limitless palette of emotions via an instrument previously viewed as restricted. She has toured the United Kingdom, Prague, Brittany, Paris and Grenoble, Japan, Italy, Egypt and throughout the U.S.

Taimane’s newest album Hawaiki, four years in the making, is available on September 22, 2022! Purchase Hawaiki now

Taimane’s World Tour to the UK and US was from June 19 – August 21, 2022.

Taimane’s upcoming Fall 2022 concerts are in CA and HI, Tickets available now!